10 Best Maid Of Honor Speech Tips Not to Miss!

Best Maid of Honor SpeechesSome of the best maid of honor speeches are not even scripted, but they are spontaneous. When the maid of honor lets her emotions run freely, with the blend of poetry and philosophy, it is hard for those speeches to go unnoticed. A maid of honor plays an important part in the bride’s life. She is the bride’s philosopher, supporter and guide.

The maid of honor can’t deliver a speech below expectations because it is the biggest day in her best friend’s life. To deliver an inspiring speech as the maid of honor, you need to learn from the best ones.

Best maid of honor speeches can teach you and guide you a lot. These speeches will give you an idea about the topics to be covered, incidents to narrate, tone and duration of the speech. Here are the 10 great qualities that you can find in the best maid of honor speeches.

  1. Preparation – Preparation is not just about choosing what to say and wording them into a speech. You need to analyze your audience to ensure that your speech will go on well with them. Important points you need to mention must be noted for adding to the speech.
  2. Practice – Practice is everything and this is true for every speech. Practice is just about learning your speech but it will help you to monitor your movements and work on them until you are satisfied. Oh, don’t forget to do it in front of a large mirror so that you can see yourself.
  3. Use Your Experience – You can download hundreds of wedding speech examples but nothing can beat personal experience. You are the one that knows the bride really well, so use your experience to develop a synopsis.
  4. Bring Emotions – Nobody wants listening to a bland speech that is very predictable. Since you want to be the best maid of honor, it is important that you speak from your heart; not read from the paper.
  5. Choose A Great Quote – Instead of using many quotes in a wedding speech, choose a very good one that appeals to you the most. Go through the best maid of honor speeches and choose what you liked the most.
  6. Make It Short – Don’t drag your speech but make it short and sweet. Preferably a maid of honor speech should be 3 minutes or less.
  7. Add A Personal Touch – Your speech shouldn’t feel like a scripted one. Add your personal touch to make it feel like something from the heart.
  8. Wish Bride and Groom All The Best – It is important for you to address the couple as the maid of honor. You can consider using a quote here too.
  9. Take It Seriously – Being a maid of honor and delivering a speech are serious affairs. Make sure that you spend enough time practicing the speech.
  10. Cover Everything – Do not miss to cover anything in your speech. Go through the best maid of honor speeches and see what have they covered in their speeches. However, you should also keep the time constraint in mind.
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